Freelancing Course




Our all-in-one starter course for newbies. Course Inclusions: Virtual Assistance Setup, Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, Simple Web Design, and many more!

Our #FreelancingCourse is at 50% discounted rate and cheaper when paid early!

Before: P6000
50% Discounted Rate: P3000 Feb. 16-28, 2019)
Early Bird Price: P2500 (Feb. 1-15, 2019)



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Course Coverage:

  • Virtual Assistance Set-up Coaching
  • Social Media Management and Marketing Coaching
  • Content Marketing Coaching
  • SEO Strategies Coaching
  • Data Entry Coaching
  • Transcription Coaching
  • General Administrative Tasks Coaching
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing


This is open for everyone:
– 18 years old up
– With or without experience
– Not techy or techy
– High school graduate up
– Mothers, Fathers, students, professionals


About the course:
– Twelve (12) online pre-recorded video lessons you can access anytime 24/7
– Four (4) live meetings: orientation and evaluation
– Self-paced training and coaching
– Actual and real applications to make sure you’re client-ready
– Guided training, you can email us questions, anytime
– You have a Coach, we will give feedback and suggestions
– Will not leave you until you have your first client


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